About Us

What a long journey it has been indeed, lets try to sum it up into a few paragraphs so we not stuck here for hours.

The shortest possible story is that Huxley was birthed through a different company, a hair salon.

I started the salon journey definitely not having this end goal in mind. I simply left my 9-5 to start working in my passion. Little did I know that in leaving what I studied to do and then fulfilling my passion in hair was my hours then much longer than a standard 9-5. I soon then lived the common saying “do what you love & you will never work a day in your life”.

Our Company

Fast forward to 3 years later I realized that I was promoting & selling products that I didn’t fully believe in and was never 100% certain what they contained.

Thus the journey of Huxley started. I learnt so much about hair, I knew every ingredient & component that hair needed to be strong, healthy & amazing I just couldn’t find a product brand that contained everything I wanted it to. I then extensively researched creating my own products, met with a number of chemist & of course as things go I ended up switching formulas, switching chemists, designers, packers etc. you name it. Fast forward to exactly 1 year and 3 months later I finally derived the perfect formula with all its perfect components.

The name Huxley derived from endless research about hair. I wanted the brand to scream hair as soon as you heard about it!

Each hair strand has a Huxley layer, Huxley is the second layer of the inner root sheath of the hair. The more I said the name Huxley & played around with logos the more I knew it was the perfect name for the brand.

Why Us?

Huxley Hair Care was made for everyday people, tested by everyday people & then approved by everyday people. 

Every 1 of the salons clients had a say in Huxley & its completion therefore you can be assured that its process was very different to other products as it was perfected by the people that it would be sold to.

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